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Edna BuchananEdna Buchanan commanded Miami's police beat for eighteen years. She reported more than 5,000 violent deaths, 3,000 of them murders. She also covered kidnappings, riots, fatal fires, major plane crashes and other disasters.

What better background for Fiction?

As Edna says, "I love to write novels. But now more than ever, I realize how lucky I was to be a journalist. There is something noble and exciting about venturing out every day to seek the truth.

"Nobody loves a police reporter. I've been threatened with arrest, had rocks and bottles thrown at me, and received threatening letters, subpoenas, and obscene phone calls—some of them from my editors.

"Police reporters are usually as welcome among strangers as Freddy Krueger in the girls' dorm. While authors are invited to speak at luncheons, museums and library breakfasts. In my case reporter and author are the same, not entirely comfortable at luncheons and cocktail parties. I'm still more comfortable knocking on a stranger's door to ask if he murdered his wife."

Edna won international acclaim for her classic true crime memoir, THE CORPSE HAD A FAMILIAR FACE. The riveting NEVER LET THEM SEE YOU CRY continues with more of the breathtaking, bizarre, and unforgettable stories of covering crime in Miami, America's hottest beat. Her first book, CARR: FIVE YEARS OF RAPE AND MURDER, details the chilling confessions of a serial sex killer with a photographic memory.

Her multiple series involving Britt Montero, the members of the Cold Case Squad, and the adventures of Michael Venturi in LEGALLY DEAD draw their substance and believability from real life and death in Miami, where fact is usually stranger than fiction.

Edna's philosophy is influenced by her career as a journalist/author who has written about crime and criminals for half her life. A few of her truisms:

  1. The person most likely to murder you sits across the breakfast table. Your nearest and dearest, the one who sleeps on the pillow next to yours and shares your checking account, can be far more lethal than any sinister stranger lurking in the shadow. Love Kills.
  2. Don't argue with anyone holding a machete, or a garden hose for that matter. You're bound to get wet or worse. And, never pull a knife on a man with a gun.
  3. Never allow an abductor, irate ex-husband, spurned lover, or total stranger force you into a car, van truck, or your own home. Do whatever you have to do.
  4. If kidnapped, ask for fried chicken when your captors offer food. The FBI will find your fingerprints in their hideout even if they never find you.
  5. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
  6. Doctors are a lot like cops; there is no bad situation they cannot make worse.
  7. People who say, "Let me tell you the truth," won't. When they say "Trust me," don't.
  8. Never trust a man whose manicure is better than yours.
  9. Keep your word. Don't lie. The truth is easier. You won't have to stop and think every time you're asked a question.
  10. Writers should never reveal a source. And the three cardinal rules of journalism are: never trust an editor, never trust an editor, and never trust an editor.
  11. Go with your gut feeling—it's usually right.
  12. True justice is so rare that it is most often found on the pages of novels. That is why it's a joy to write fiction. You can make the good guys win and the bad guys get what they deserve—so unlike real life.
  13. Know your limitations. Set priorities, and focus, focus, focus. Don't try to be Superwoman or Superman. They don't exist. People who multi-task are the ones most likely to forget and leave the baby in the car on a hot summer day.
  14. Friends are the family you choose. The past is gone. The future's uncertain. The present is a gift.
  15. Don't walk barefoot in a house full of puppies.


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