A Dark and Lonely Place

A Dark and Lonely PlaceA Dark and Lonely Place is a gripping saga of star-crossed lovers across generations. A century ago, the legendary John Ashley was accused of murder and sentenced to hang. He insisted he was innocent and went on the run with his sweetheart, Laura Upthegrove. They become the most notorious, colorful, and compelling figures in Florida's violent history. Their sensual and dreamy tale of love, passion and violence is juxtaposed with the taut and suspenseful story of their fictional descenants who share the same love and dangers a hundred years later. In a sweeping epic that explores the inevitability of fate and the belief in predestination, A Dark and Lonely Place draws the reader into an unforgettable world of intrigue, drama, romance and tragedy.

CARR: Five years of Rape and Murder

CarrThis book is UNIQUE. While the rapist-murderer looms large in the American consciousness and confounds our preconceptions about human nature and the interface between sex and murder, it was not until Robert Frederick Carr III poured out this remarkable confession to Edna Buchanan that such a man took us into the dark world of his psyche. Carr, a slim, red-haired young auto salesman with a high IQ, began to feel irresistible urges to rape. He left his wife and children and set off on a five-year cross-country odyssey of violence, rape and murder. Eventually he was arrested in Miami. To put an end to his mayhem, he defied his lawyer and confessed. He begged Edna to take down his story and she did.

The book was used as a teaching tool for FBI profilers.


The Corpse had a Familiar FaceEdna Buchanan has had a long love affair with Miami. Writer Calvin Trillin wrote in the New Yorker that, in Miami, a “few figures are regularly discussed by first name among people they have never met. One of them is Fidel. Another is Edna.” Nobody captures the love and lunacy, life and death, beauty and chaos that is the city of Miami better than Edna. She tells the stories of the misfits, the disenchanted, the evil, the wronged and, sometimes, the crazies, and her stories are a reflection of this dynamic and troubled city. And many of the corpses she wrote about had familiar faces. The Corpse is a unique treasure in American literature. Two CBS-TV movies of the week were based on the book. “Bewitched” star Elizabeth Montgomery played Edna.


Nobody Lives ForeverEdna’s fiction debut is a dark and thrilling tale of sex, obsession, and murder. A veteran homicide detective hunts an elusive killer whose crimes strike perilously close to home. What is the stunning secret shared by a prim but menacing housewife, a kinky bad girl, a shy and lonely child, and a cold blooded killer? And, is street justice the only true justice? Those questions are answered as the weird, demented, and dangerous inhabitants of Miami’s seamy side weave their way through this wild and shocking story.


Never Let Them See You CryThis is the companion volume to THE CORPSE HAD A FAMILIAR FACE. The book is alive with stories that made Edna Buchanan famous. Sometimes tragic, sometimes funny, they are always gut-wrenchingly vivid tales of courage, kindness and humor in the face of harrowing adversity.


PulseSuccessful businessman Frank Douglas had everything to live for but first, someone had to die. If not for a stranger’s suicide, Frank would have no future, but now another man’s heart beats strongly in his chest. Life should be perfect but, instead, he’s tortured by nightmares, strange sensations, and new memories of events he never experienced, Frank sets out to learn about the man whose death gave him life. He finds a beautiful, enigmatic widow and shocking suspicions about the man’s death. When no one believes him, Frank and the distraught, seductive widow set out on a cross-country odyssey in pursuit of the truth. Instead they become the prey of ruthless killers and his new life is in deadly peril.


Contents Under PressureThis novel introduces Britt Montero, a crime reporter for a major Miami newspaper. The green-eyed daughter of a Cuban patriot killed by Castro’s firing squad; she has a tender spot for the city’s underdogs, but is smart and tough enough to pursue a story no matter where it takes her. When cops on the midnight shift chase a black motorist, the fleeing man, a professional football hero, winds up dead. Britt’s investigation reveals the tragic truth. Go with her into the newsroom under deadline pressure, on a midnight shift riding with the cops, and feel the outrage of the black community. As the city she loves explodes into a major riot, Britt is caught up in life-threatening events that bring the novel to its shocking climax.


Miami It's MurderBritt Montero investigates a series of bizarre deaths involving terminal sex, electrocution, and freshly poured concrete. With a dying detective as her friend and source, she probes the long unsolved sex murder of a small girl, which may implicate the front-runner in the governor’s race. Britt also follows the trail of a diseased serial rapist who ambushes career women in the restrooms of the gleaming downtown towers that spike the Miami skyline. But soon, it’s turnabout, the rapist is trailing Britt. Enraged by her stories, the rapist escalates his violence and focuses his obsession on her. Tensions mount as the stories intersect with edge-of-your-seat suspense and an astonishing conclusion.


Suitable For FramingA young mother and child are victims of a fatal daylight hit-and-run by rampaging youths with no fear of the law. Britt Montero witnesses the tragedy and relentlessly pursues the story. She befriends a reluctant young gang member surviving alone on the street and tries to help him escape the violence. But the boy disappears. At the same time evil lurks in the newsroom. A new, ambitious young reporter wants to be a star and covets Britt’s job. Friendly at first, Britt begins to suspect that her rival’s on-the-spot breaking news stories may not be what they seem. As she investigates, Britt. herself, becomes the prime suspect in a shocking murder. She could lose everything: friends, job, freedom, even her life. Jailed, haunted by the imprisonment and execution of her Cuban patriot father, Britt fights the most desperate deadline of her life, to find the real killer and prove her innocence.


Act Of BetrayalWhen Britt Montero reports the story of a missing teenager, she uncovers a pattern of identical cases. The lost boys could be brothers. All look alike: slender, fair-haired, and blue-eyed. All vanished without a trace. As Britt probes the baffling case, an old mystery opens new wounds. She has always identified with the father she never knew--who was executed by a Castro firing squad when she was only three—and has always been bewildered by her mother’s bitter silence about the man who allowed his dream of a free Cuba to become a fatal obsession. While pursuing the story of the missing boys Britt meets two men who knew her father well. One plans to become the first president of a free Cuba; the other, an aging freedom fighter, still conducts hit-and-run guerrilla raids on Castro’s Cuba. Through them, Britt learns that her father left an explosive diary identifying the man who betrayed him. Suddenly everyone wants the diary and those who acquire it are marked for murder. At the height of a terrifying category five hurricane, Britt learns the terrible truth about the missing boys and faces the man who betrayed her father. Will she, too, become his victim?


Margin of ErrorIn dreams, both awake and sleeping, Britt Montero relives a shooting in which she was forced to kill a man to save her own life. “I could smell the gunpowder. The dream was that real.” She is obviously suffering as is Miami in the aftermath of a devastating hurricane that ravaged the city at the time of her fatal encounter. Into this scenario strides a major Hollywood actor about to star an action movie, the first shot in the city since the storm. The character he portrays, that of a secret agent under deep cover as a Miami crime reporter, brings him into the newsroom and Britt’s life. An obsessed madwoman stalks the star, and mysterious mishaps, accidents and deaths push the production dangerously over budget and Britt and the star grow closer together. Both are menaced by the stalker. Or is it someone else who is determined to sabotage the film and kill the star?


Garden of EvilA rural upstate Florida sheriff is shot to death by a young woman who flees in his car and continues to kill. The victims, men lured into sexual confrontations by the wild and predatory young woman, are found dumped in ditches, woodlands and along the roadside. The flirtatious killer, who leaves lipstick traces on the bullets she uses, is swiftly dubbed the Kiss Me Killer by the press. In Miami, Britt Montero, fascinated by the story, suspects the elusive killer is headed her way. She’s right. A top Miami politician soon tastes the killer’s kiss of death. In the media frenzy that follows, the story belongs to Britt and quick reader reaction comes--from the killer herself. The mutual fascination between reporter and killer leads to a face-to-face meeting that turns deadly as Britt begins a terrifying odyssey through the Sunshine State’s dark heart in the company of a female serial sex killer. More murders and her fears for another helpless hostage limit her ability to fight back or escape, until it’s nearly too late for them both.


You Only Die TwiceThe naked corpse of a beautiful woman washes up on a pristine Miami beach, her body tanned, her nails elegantly manicured. Unclaimed and without a name, fingerprints quickly identify her as a woman murdered ten years ago. Her wealthy husband, the convicted killer, is on Death Row, facing execution. Miami News reporter Britt Montero is only happy when in pursuit of a story. And this one has the right smell, feel...and threat. Somewhere in the tangle of an enigmatic beauty’s bizarre life and even stranger rebirth are secret passions and buried solutions that could doom an overly inquisitive journalist with a tendency to leap before she looks. After all, this is Miami, where anything is possible...even dying twice.


The Ice MaidenA chance encounter with a stranger changes the life of Britt Montero forever. He lies dead in Miami’s morgue, but obviously has a story to tell. The electrocuted thief with old distinctive scars on his body may be the key that unlocks the long sought secrets of a old case. Sunny, the Ice Maiden, was the victim of a shocking crime. She and her date, abducted by strangers after a high school dance, were both assaulted, shot in the head and left for dead in a remote farm field. The boy did die. Sunny barely survived and is now a reclusive artist and sculptor, estranged from her wealthy family and unwilling to speak about her ordeal. As Britt and Miami’s Cold Case Squad search for answers, nothing is as it seems. Monstrous evil from the past overtakes a whole new generation. Britt unravels the story but suffers a shocking personal tragedy.


Cold Case Squad“Like all things good and bad in the world, it began with a woman.” The suspense builds rapidly from that opening line. A man and a woman are murdered at a Miami strip club. Hours later, a garage explodes, rocks a child’s birthday party and burns a father of three to death. Twelve years later, a blonde walks into the office of the Miami Police Department’s Cold Case Squad to report that she’s been seeing her ex-husband wherever she goes. Trouble is, he’s been dead for twelve years. “Some guys don’t know when to quit,” Sgt. Craig Burch says. He and Detectives Sam Stone and Pete Nazario will seem like old friends as you join them in their investigation, a journey into the heart of evil and into mortal danger.


ShadowsShadows is a dazzling example of Edna Buchanan’s masterful weaving of historical context into a powerful story. The Shadows is a historic 1920s house that inspires preservationists’ dreams and developers’ schemes. Built during Prohibition by a notorious rumrunner, later lost at sea, it was inherited by his son, Pierce Nolan, an Eagle scout, star athlete and war hero. Pierce served a successful term as Miami’s mayor. He and his wife Diana, raised three striking young daughters, Summer, Spring, and Brooke, at the Shadows until a shotgun ambush took his life one hot summer night. His high profile murder was never solved, leaving the Shadows an abandoned shell haunted by memories and mystery. As is too often the case in Miami, a ruthless developer prepares to bulldoze the landmark house to build luxury high rise condos. An ardent young preservationist approaches the Cold Case Squad in an effort to stop the project by declaring it a crime scene. The detectives search the place, the rumrunners’ secret limestone cellar, his tunnel to Biscayne Bay, and make a heartbreaking discovery that reveals an entire lost generation. For those who live in the shadows the truth is never simple.


Love KillsA bulldozer in the Everglades unearths the skull of an infamous kidnapper and the Cold Case Squad investigates. Reporter Britt Montero was the last person to see him alive and the detectives have questions only she can answer. Meanwhile, on the remote Caribbean island where she has sought refuge, isolation, and solace from heartbreak, Britt finds a lost camera on an isolated beach. The film inside yields photos of a happy young couple on their honeymoon. Soon after, Britt is shocked to learn the newlyweds were lost at sea. When the groom is rescued, she feels a connection to the new widower, but is soon startled to learn the truth. Ultimately, her search for the serial bridegroom’s secrets and the Cold Case Squad’s search for the kidnapper’s killer collide. Desperate and in danger, Britt turns to her nemesis, Miami Police Lt. K.C. Riley, for help. The two women, former rivals, set aside their differences to protect someone both care for deeply. The characters come alive in this exciting saga of Britt Montero’s never ending search for the story and truth.


Legally DeadMichael Venturi, a U.S. Marshal attached to the Witness Protection Program, relocates a mobster with a new identity, now a government witness, to a small rural town. The man proves to be a monster unleashed on an unsuspecting community. The results are tragic. To make amends. Venturi leaves the Marshals Service and assembles a team to secretly create new identities, appearances, and careers for innocent men and women whose lives were ruined through no fault of their own. Of course, before they can be reborn, they must die, often, in spectacular ways. And forensic evidence must be created to fit the “facts” and fool the experts. His fascinating experiment works until cold stone killers from the past emerge to target his loved ones and his legally dead clients. Now a fugitive, he’s in a desperate race for life. More questions than answers explode into a thrilling end to this incredible story.




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