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Edna BuchananHer Britt Montero series is in many ways a self-portrait and usually involves multiple story lines. Edna is a master of character development. Members of the COLD CASE SQUAD spring to life on the pages of her books. In LEGALLY DEAD, she introduced a new tough-as-nails hero, Michael Venturi. Is he dead or...alive?

In her new book, A DARK AND LONELY PLACE (published by Simon & Schuster), Edna combines historic events, the true story of the Ashley gang, legendary Florida outlaws in the early 20th century, with the modern adventures of their direct descendants in Miami today. This may be her best book ever, with star-crossed love, family ties, duplicity and murder woven into a suspenseful, heart-pounding story. Which era was more violent and corrupt? And, can those of us who carry the outlaw imprint of violence and tragedy in our DNA break the cycle? Can we change our destinies or must the story always end the same way? How powerful is the pull of the past? The answer may surprise you!

Edna Buchanan - 2012 Literary Legend AwardA LITERARY LEGEND!

Edna Buchanan was the 2012 recipient of the Literary Legend Award given by the Florida Heritage Book Festival in St. Augustine, Fl. In the picture below. Edna is presented the award by Judith Ring, Director, Division of Library and Information Services for the Florida Department of State. Senator Bob Graham, an author of note himself, assists in the presentation.

Edna received the award based on a career that spans 40 years that includes newspapers, magazines, fiction, nonfiction, and short stories, for which she has received numerous awards including the Pulitzer Prize and The George Polk Award. She continues to make major contributions to the literary culture of the Sunshine State.







Television producer Lauren Vance caught this candid shot of me and my best friend, Hairy P. Houdini, on her cell phone. She and her crew recently visited to interview me about a South Florida murder case. Hairy was convinced they had flown to Miami to see him, certain that the lights, camera, and mikes were all about him. He loved the company. The crew loved him back. He performed his tricks. They rewarded him with Pepperoni dog treats.

The sound man removed Hairy's collar to silence the jingle of his tags, then turned off the phones, the AC, and ceiling fans, even studied the air traffic flight plans overhead so that nothing would interfere with the audio.

The camera rolled but, mid-interview, Hairy suddenly realized that he had lost his audience! No one was paying attention to him. Determined to regain the spotlight, he raced to his toy box, pulled out his loudest squeaky toy, dragged it to a spot behind the crew, and attacked it fiercely. The result was an explosion of loud honks and squeaks. The sound man nearly had a heart attack! He tore off his ear phones as everyone, but me, shouted, "What was that?"

After a brief skirmish, Hairy P. was relieved of the toy. The interview resumed, but as I watched, he hurtled right back to his Martha Stewart doggie toy box from PetSmart, snatched another squeaky toy and repeated his attack. Even though they hid his toy box and treasures high in a closet, he thoroughly enjoyed interacting with television professionals. He's a ham at heart! Though I was unaware that this picture was caught during a break in shooting, you can see that Hairy knew. Look at that face as he poses to gaze soulfully into the lens. What a success story! From a once scared, hungry, and homeless pup in a shelter, a star is born! Thank you Friends Forever Humane Society Edna B.


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